Policies and Contact


(The serious stuff)


1) Check-in time-Check in is between 4 and 7. Self check-in is available after 9:30. We are fairly flexible with our check in times, just let us know.

2) Check-out time-Check out is at 11:00. We are not flexible with this time, especially in the Summer when our turnover is higher.

3) Extra Guests-Two of our rooms (Jackson and Moran Room) can only accommodate two (2) people. Our other two rooms can accommodate three (3) people.  These numbers are non negotiable. Both for the enjoyment and safety of all of our guests.

4) Pets-Pets are not allowed.  we have a dog and cat who live on site. The cat does not have access to the Inn, but the dog does.
5) No SmokingThere is absolutely no smoking on our property. None. Not inside or outside.  If you need to smoke, go on the street, and please dispose of your butts appropriately. As a former smoker I get it, but please respect our rules. And if you smoke and want to quit, I am more than happy to encourage you to do that.

6)  No Firearms-seriously. We live in a safe area. For the safety of our other guests, us and yourselves, if you have a firearm, please leave it in your car.

8) We have two bee hives on our property. They are nowhere near the house, and are harmless. We just ask that you stay away from them.


How to use the TV’s

We have smart TV’s in every room except the Roosevelt room (I apologize to the Roosevelt room guests, until the remodel we can’t change out your TV).  We also have smart DVD players in every room (including the Roosevelt Room). We have a Netflix account for our guests, and you can access other streaming channels (Amazon, Hulu etc) if you have an account for these things. I will double check every TV after check out, to make sure all accounts get  logged off.

We also have a collection of DVD’s for our guests to watch, located in the lobby.