Some updates not anything fun or exciting, but important read nonetheless

March 31st, 2020 by katy

We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane. I think sanity is key here. My sanity has left me completely, but I sometimes wonder if I had any to begin with. Before I get to the updates and important information, I would like to suggest to folks needing distraction a few things.

  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has become my number one distraction. Amazon Prime.
  2.  Tiger King. No words. None.
  3.  Follow Bastille on Instagram. Seriously.
  4.  Take up running.


Ok, now on to some changes we are making.

The first change I am mentioning is definitely NOT something I wanted to do. I bought this place to run it as a Bed and Breakfast, not a vacation rental.  I like interacting with our guests and hearing about your plans and the things you saw in the park.  Due to a few factors, through June (at least) we will be offering grab and go breakfasts only.  I say at least because I do not believe that this will miraculously go away. And the situation is constantly fluid. But I cannot expect people to sit next to complete strangers in close contact. I think it would be best to allow people to grab food and eat it wherever. We will offer breakfast sandwiches and wraps. The sandwiches will be made with either homemade English muffins or bagels or biscuits (maybe, that might be a bad idea). The wraps will not be made with homemade tortillas, as I can’t make those. We will still offer a baked good of some sort, as well as fruit, and yogurt parfaits. I can make anything gluten free or vegetarian/vegan. I think this is a good balance between the quality I expect from myself and what is being dictated to all of us due to the situation at hand. I will still have coffee and tea out by 7:00 AM, and you lot will still have your coffee makers in your rooms. With, I am told, much better coffee. This is the only update that will affect current reservations. The other updates affect future bookings.

We are no longer allowing 3 people in ANY of our rooms.  Our rooms are set to allow for 2 guests each. We will keep the twin bed in the Roosevelt and the futon in the Yellowstone suite, so two people traveling who don’t normally sleep together still have an option.  This decision was made for a number of reasons. We simply want to mainline things a bit. For the future, I will be running the day to day operations by myself, as the Boo will stay on full time at his job year round.

Our last change is that we will no longer be allowing children. Anyone under 18. Obviously if you have already booked you are fine, but going forward we won’t be. This was a tough one for us, as this is a family destination (sort of). But we have found in the past that the definition of well behaved is a bit subjective. It isn’t fair for other guests to have to hear other peoples children. As well, our place is small. It doesn’t take much to hear your neighbors.  This also applies to babies. And those of you that have stayed with us with your babies know I LOVE babies. But again, I can’t expect our other guests to want to hear crying babies. And they will cry, that’s what they do.


I apologize for all of these updates. This year has made me redefine my own vision of how I wanted our place to be run. I’m not sure what the future will bring, but for now I am trying to do my part to make sure our guests feel safe, while also ensuring a quality stay.