This post really isn’t about Bastille

October 10th, 2019 by katy

It’s not. I swear. It may seem like it, and as some of you know, I have posted blogs about them before. But this isn’t about them. It’s about our long weekend to Salt Lake City to see them in concert.

We have had a very busy Summer. I am definitely not complaining. It has been a good Summer. I think this has been our best Summer to date. I don’t mean that in a monetary way. I think we have had great guests, and we have developed a pretty good menu (minus the French Toast situation I find myself in, but I will spend the off season working on an acceptable brioche recipe-until than no French Toast). We have developed a comfort with this business that has allowed us to both produce something that people seem to like and also let our hair down a bit more. We have a good balance that I think we didn’t have in the past. So it’s been a good, busy Summer.

Now leaving Yellowstone sign

Now leaving Yellowstone

Anyway, as many of you may know, I am a huge HUGE Bastille fan. I’ve liked them since I heard Pompeii on the radio whenever that came out. Maybe 2014 (or 2013), I think that’s when we saw them in Chicago. I may have the year wrong, and I’m certainly not going to look. Anyway, this year the closest they were coming to the Monty was Salt Lake City. I was NOT about to miss my favorite all male band (possibly the best band ever-haven’t decided between them and Concrete Blonde).  So me and the Boo planned a four day weekend to SLC. Mostly just to see Bastille, but as it happens this trip was a two-fer combining two of my favorite things; Bastille and Halloween.

Katy in a skeleton dress in Salt Lake City

Me before the concert.

I would just like to note right here, I tried entering a contest for some VIP experience.  I played the same three videos three times a day for many days. I did not win this prize-worth about 180.00$. I am going to assume that part of this prize was meeting this band. I could be wrong, but why else would there even be a contest? So I still have not met Dan Smith. And if anyone who is reading this knows him please pass along that I would like to.(meet him).  Seriously, I am pretty sure my mom and my aunts are the only folks who read this stuff. But on the off chance, I put it out there into the universe. Kind of like the Secret.

Now, all I can say about this concert is… OMF*ckingG!@!! I am pretty sure at some point I had an absolute out of body experience. It was just that good. I’ve loved their previous two concerts, especially the one in Chicago, partly because it was Chicago and partly because it was at a beautiful venue (The Aragon). But this one was definitely better then both of them. By far. Even though some clown ran up on stage and took his shirt off and then dove into the crowd. That was uncool and that guy is a jagweed. But they handled it like pros, cuz they are just that cool. So yeah, I’m not a groupie yet, but I definitely believe I could be. So also, if anyone (Mom?-Also I’ll need enough to take the Boo with) would like to contribute to that fund, by all means, I can set that up on Gofundme.  LOL

So we did not just see bastille while we were in Salt lake City. And I will be honest in saying I really really liked SLC. It was not at all what I imagined it would be. I had no idea how diverse it is, as well we ate at some really great restaurants. Red Iguana is of course my favorite Mexican food west of the Mississippi. And I do tell our guests about it if I know they are heading to SLC.  Now I have even more restaurant suggestions. We went to the zoo one day and also Thanksgiving Point. The zoo was very cool and they had a Halloween lights thing that we didn’t get to see in the dark. But it looked pretty cool.

The Boo standing in front of a blow up dragon

The Boo with this scary dragon thing!!

Thanksgiving point was what it was. I personally didn’t care that much for it, but they had a butterfly zone and we love our butterflies. Me and the Boo met at the Milwaukee Public Museum and they also have a butterfly zone. I will always remember the two of us in the butterfly room and him telling me about where he lived. I’m smiling as I write this. I thought he was so cool because he lived in Chicago. Just north of Wrigley field. He still is very cool. Also, this blog is not about him so I’m gonna move the story along. So, the SLC zoo is cool, Thanksgiving Point, meh. They do have the largest man made waterfall in the western hemisphere. That was kind of cool. But that’s what we did on Saturday since I didn’t win that VIP experience.

On Sunday night we went to Fear Factory. A few months ago we had guests staying with us who operate a haunted house in Tennessee. Right near the Alabama border I believe. I wish I could remember what it was called. But they are the ones that suggested we go to Fear Factory. Now, I am not one who can easily suspend my disbelief for these things. They generally don’t scare me. We went to Screams in the Park in Rosemont one year and I really did not enjoy it at all. Apparently this one is in an already really haunted building. Which did not amuse me when I found this out. I’m not interested in real haunted anythings. I’ve never had a ghostly experience so I don’t believe or disbelieve in them, and I would just as soon keep it that way.

We also paid an extra 3 dollars to allow the monsters to put there hands on us. I am all about hugs, but other than that the only person allowed to really put their hands on me is the Boo. Aside from him and hugs for anyone, please folks, keep a space around me. LOL. I figured I would be more scared anticipating someone grabbing and groping me. I’ll be honest here, it was definitely worth the extra 3 bucks. It didn’t necessarily scare me, but it did add to the experience. Although some of those monsters bordered on manhandling me, and one forced me and the boo to hug each other, I believe in an attempt to stab us together in one fell swoop. My back was to the guy and the Boo said he pushed the guy’s knife out of the way before he could stab me. What a hero my Boo is.  One also pinned me up against a wall. Another monster kept grabbing my legs. I am fairly ticklish so that just made me laugh.

What was so scary about this haunted house (and it was scary!!) was what they were able to do with the lighting and fog etc. Just terrifying. They somehow managed the lighting in one hallway to resemble a swap.  It was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I don’t want to describe the ending in case someone reading this is going to go to this, but let me just say the last room was horrifying. I really did entertain in my mind that they were really going to kill us with poison gas. I swear I smelled ammonia or bleach. John did not, but I don’t know. Common sense told me that no one is being killed there, but also I guess I can suspend my disbelief under certain circumstances. Anyway-please, if you are in the SLC area this month GO TO THIS HAUNTED HOUSE!!!! SO WORTH IT!!!!

Me and the Boo in front of a clown picture

What the WHAT?!?

Me and the Boo in front of a window witha haunted thing in it.

Scary Stuff!





So that was our little trip. I think it was a success! But as always, I am so happy to get back to the 406. Before we moved here we always went to more rural areas, and national parks. Now, when we get the chance we go to cities.


But really my heart just does this:

when I see this:

Montana sign

My home