It’s my birthday!!

June 16th, 2019 by katy

Wedding day picture with John and katy

Our wedding day!!

44 years ago today at either 8:22PM or 9:11PM on a Monday night yours truly was delivered into this world. I’m not 100% sure on the time. One is my time of birth the other is my brothers, albeit two years apart. We aren’t twins. Frankly this world can’t handle two of me, and it certainly doesn’t need two of my brother. I could have asked my mom which time belongs to which of us-if anyone knows for sure I would think it would be her. But I really didn’t feel it was that important.

If I’m honest, (and I always am) I don’t care for birthdays. People that know me know I generally dislike any and all gift giving occasions. (see my dislike for Christmas-LOL).  I’ve never been that person who takes off of work to celebrate my birthday. I don’t quite get what there is to celebrate. Seriously. Celebrating that I’m still breathing? When there’s about 7 billion other people also breathing it just makes it less special for me. (just joking about that, but it puts things in perspective doesn’t it?)

As well, for whatever reason, I have been rather sad about getting older this year. To celebrate another year gone just isn’t my thing.Yes, I realize that is a very negative way to look at things. I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I started running this year was to outrun old age. That’s probably not going to work in the long run, but I am having fun doing it, so there is that.

Really, I just wanted to write about some of my birthday memories. As it happens I don’t have that many. Because I’ve avoided all celebrating of my birthday, rather successfully at that. But there are a few that stand out for me. My 30th birthday comes to mind. It was Star wars themed. I had an R2D2 cake, and someone made tie fighter hot dog wraps. Just to reiterate this was my 30th birthday party (not my 3rd, which it kind of sounds like it should be.)

My 40th birthday was another one that stood out. I guess I celebrate my birthdays about once every ten years. Me and the Boo were camping near the Sand Dunes in Colorado. I remember thinking, maybe I should have had a party or something, but whatever. There we were grilling hamburgers and eating cake in a very beautiful part of the country. I remember having to get up in the middle of the night to use the lavatory and looking up at the sky and seeing tons of stars. Now we live in an area where you can see all kinds of stars, and the milky way, but not like what I saw that night. It was simply stunning.

My favorite, FAVORITE birthday was 8 years ago. June 16, 2011. My wedding day. I already had the day off of work for a long weekend so when we set a date to get married that seemed like a good idea-since I already had the time off.  I am nothing if not practical. 🙂 I really just wanted to elope with the two of us, but that wasn’t going to happen. We literally had 7 people at our wedding. We got married in Sycamore, IL. (I think that’s what the town was called. It was near Woodstock I think.) It was a small chapel on someones private property. It really was beautiful. We honeymooned in Galena, which is a super cute town.

So that’s about it for my birthday memories. This year we are going out to dinner at Chico Hot Springs-we go there for all our special occasions. They definitely have great food. As an anniversary gift to each other we bought a subscription to a food box called Universal Yums. So once a month we’ll get snacks from a different country.    So that’s pretty cool. And Bastille released there new album on the 14th so that was like a birthday present except I haven’t actually gotten it yet. Luckily with the internet I can still listen to it, until I get it. (It’s coming in the mail, so who knows how long that will take. LOL)

2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!!

  1. Nicki Kroll

    As I recall, your brother was born at 8:22; I remember it only because when your Mom called and I said something to the effect that my godchild “Steven” was born, she said, that they decide to call him Peter and I just said, “NO. My godchild cannot be Peter Sellers”; hee. I also remember that I was called to your parents’ to watch your brother because you decided that you were ready to enter the world and it was already around after 6:00 pm and I got a phone call from your Dad after 9:30. Funny how we remember things. Hope your birthday and anniversary were fun! Also, I hope you got my message to check your email!

  2. Kathy Sellers

    You arrived at 9:11PM, during Monday night baseball. LOL and a very cheerful girl you were!!!! Mom

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