International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2019 by katy

As I was perusing the twitter feed of a certain indie rock band, I saw that it was International Women’s Day. And while they failed to mention Concrete Blonde on their strong women’s playlist, I will not. 😉 They happen to be probably my favorite female fronted band.  Having said all that, I thought I would take this opportunity to make a list of my own, of women I love and who have inspired me.

My niece would definitely have to top my list. Hands down. I love her. I’ve loved her and admired her from the second she was born. The first time I saw her smile, crawl, walk… whatever it was she was learning how to do, I found it amazing.  She is and always will be my favorite person in the world. (The Boo is quite aware that he comes in a very close second.-But my niece has had my heart since she took her first breath).  She has grown into such an intelligent and beautiful young woman, I have no doubt she is destined for great great things. Dare I say it, I could see her being president one day. (she is very politically active, and smart-if I haven’t mentioned that.)

On the topic of politics-which is controversial, and not at all what I intend this to be-I put Angela Merkel on my list of women I admire. I have no clue in reality what effect she has had on Germany. I don’t live there, so I won’t pretend to say she is good or bad either way, for that country. But she is a powerful woman. Some may have said, the most powerful woman in the world. I love that. I have, myself, no aspirations to hold any more power than I do(which is basiclly none), but I love that she is who she is. I love that she carries herself with integrity and self respect. Something we should all strive for, but many of us fall short at.

I will add Michelle Obama and Laura Bush into the mix here as well. Both women I highly admire. For vastly different reasons.

On a final note about politics, one women I greatly admire, who is actually a fictional character is Leslie Knope. I think she embodies the ideals and principles that I love. And that I would like to see real politicians embody. She is intelligent and carging and well aware that we all need a team to be who we are, and to get where we are going. She boosts people up. We need more of that in this world.

Moving away from politics (sort of) one of my favorite ladies in history, hands down, is Mary Queen of Scots. I base my opinion of her from one text and one text alone. That would be Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Margaret George.  I’ll admit this is a novel, however I believe it is based on solid research. Maybe some day I’ll do my own research, but until then, my opinion remains firm, I’m team Mary all the way. On a side note, Maragaret George  is, by far, one of the best female authors I know of. Sicker than cancer, and that is the truth.

In college I took a course on Poverty in the US. It was most definitely an eye opening class, and really highlighted, among other things, the contribution women have always made in regards to the social fabric of this country (and many other countries, I’m sure). The one woman that stood out to me was Dorothea Dix. I loved that she gave voice to the mentally ill. This is a topic very near to my heart.

So thats my little blog for the week. I hope it was entertaining. I for one was entertained for a while writing it.

My International Women’s Day playlist-on spotify no less. Yeah, I know what I’m doing.