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May 6th, 2017 by katy

Fair warning before we get too far into this blog… it’s pretty senseless… it’s not about the inn or us or our fur babies or even about Gardiner-although all of these things rock…. it’s really about my love for music, and specifically my obsession with one group in particular. So if this sounds boring to you-and really I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be boring-stop now. For the rest of you… 

Music has always played an important role on my life. When I was a kid I remember listening to Barry Manilow and Luciano Pavarotti. If I had to trace back to the first song I actually remembered as a cognizant being it is probably Mandy-still a favorite. I also have memories of my mom listening to love songs with Rick Morales. Anyone who was around in the 80’s in Milwaukee knows what I’m talking about. I still love the song When I Need You by Leo Sayer. It says a lot about my character that I am absolutely NOT embarrassed to say I like ANYTHING by Leo Sayer. And on that note, Wildfire was and always will be in my top 5 songs of all time.

I remember the first album I ever owned-Men At Work. And spending hours-quite literally hours-watching MTV with my brother and a neighbor waiting for the video of Mr Roboto to play. Growing up in the 80s sure was a blast! 

 By my teenage years I was into the Smiths, the Cure and REM… I still love R.E.M… and I’m still waiting for the Concrete Blonde reunion tour. As a teenager it is so easy to see yourself in every song. Anyways, most of the music I listened to from my teenage years was depressing. And ya know that’s cool. I think teenage angst is great. At least for me, I have something to look back on and laugh at. 

By the time I was transitioning to adulthood, I was all over the place. I saw Michael Bolton in concert several times. We were in the second row for one of those. I had a friend who was absolutely obsessed with Michael Bolton.  Than there was my country faze (in the 90’s).  I saw Clint Black at the Wisconsin State Fair, and I still maintain it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And basically after that I listened to a lot of Italian rock. And no I don’t actually speak Italian, so who knows what any of those songs was about… well people that speak Italian do… I like to think they are singing about stuff so wonderful it can’t be put into words.

Now I basically just listen to stuff I’ve always listened to. I’m not really into new music. Shawn Mendez is ok, but seriously I have no clue what is popular.

I make an exception with Bastille.  I liked them since I first heard Pompeii. And having been a huge fan (one of the biggest) of Twin Peaks, how could I not love a group who names one of their songs Laura Palmer? Right? I remember as a teenager driving way out to this restaurant in Oak Creek and thinking “my god, we’re in a David Lynch film.” The restaurant was John Busslers, the food was good, and the company was my crazy friends.  And seriously, Oak Creek is not that far out.

In 2015 me and the Boo went to see Bastille at the Aragon ballroom in Chicago. And while I was a little unhappy with the lack (complete lack) of seating, I was blown away. I hadn’t been to a concert since…probably Michael Bolton…that’s sad really…

We have all their albums and EP… even the one that they have floating out there for free… 

So fast forward to last week. We went to see them in Bozo… now I consider myself a one off kind of person… I rarely go to the same place twice on vacation-Memphis is the exception here, as is Yellowstone, although really I didn’t vacation here twice. We vacationed here once and than moved out here. And there’s those two Michael Bolton concerts… but honestly, what were the chances that Bastille would be playing in Bozo and we’d be living here. They’ve been to Chicago a few times, but that’s not a surprise. Maybe I’m not giving Bozo enough credit, Sir Elton John played there a few months ago, and I’m pretty sure me and the Boo were the only people left in Gardiner that night. Basically, that I have been to see them twice is a big deal for me. And it’s cool that I saw them in the two places I consider home. 

bastille2 bastille3So, this is kind of abastille1 shameless plug. But I don’t always have inn related things to talk about. And I think it’s ok to plug something your passionate about… remember my Victory Taco blog? I’m very passionate about tacos… but-I never did go back there after that first time. Like I said I’m a one off kind of person… 

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  1. Nicki Kroll

    Honey, you really stirred up the memories for me with this blog. I remember all those music obsessions. Every time I’d be over at your house, you’d have some new group or album to play for me. The times we’d spend watching MTV were some of my best memories. We didn’t have cable in our neighborhood at the time and your Mom would tape hours of videos for me and I’d stop by to pick up the tape and spend a couple hours just shooting the breeze and watching MTV with you, your Mom and even Pete sometimes. Good memories.

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