A thought about hobbies

April 12th, 2017 by katy

So, I find a common theme among my fellow innkeepers. They all seem to have crafty hobbies. I sometimes look at other innkeepers’ blogs, and it makes me feel wholly inadequate. While some of these folks are doing wood working, or glass blowing, or soap making, I’m over here like, “Hey, time to binge watch Parks and Rec or Brothers and Sisters! Woot Woot!!”  We will be staying at a B and B where the innkeeper is a tea master. A certified tea master. I’m actually super excited about that.

I will be honest, I can make soap. I have, in fact, made soap. Have I made it a money making scheme? No.  And it’s not that much fun to make in any case. I also do cross stitching, which is a great hobby to have, as I can work on my projects while I binge watch CSI. As a side note, for any of you that have visited, I have one of my cross stitch projects hanging by the coffee service. It’s a cross stitch rendering of Lincolns home in Springfield. It also happens to be the only cross stitch project I have actually finished. When me and the Boo got married one of my coworkers made us a beautiful cross stitch. It took her about a month at the most. And it really is beautiful, with flowers and metallics. Yeah, if I had made that for myself, I’d still be working on it. And this year is our 6 year anniversary.

I also got into sewing a few years ago. I even sewed myself two dresses. And a pair of jammy pants. And I sewed my husband a pair of jammy pants. Than the novelty of sewing was gone, and I haven’t sewn since. But if the spirit moves me, I have fabric to make a pant and jacket outfit. It looks like it would be gorgeous, and maybe I can find someone around here who can just sew it for me.

But now, I feel like I have found a respectable hobby that I can stack up against something like making award winning pies(something I think I could also do). I am making a dollhouse!! To be more specific I am making an English Pub in miniature. I have a friend who started a miniatures club a few weeks back, and I just love it.  I am going to be entering my mini pub in a contest. For now, here are some pictures of where I am at:


Dollhouse original look

Original doll house

Modified dollhouse

Modified dollhouse

Wood floor-in progress

Wood floor-in progress















I will be posting updates periodically with pictures on Facebook. But I do expect to win this contest. Plus I am having fun, and really that is what matters most.  If you look close at the pictures, you can see Leo. That seems to be another theme with my innkeeper cohorts. Pets that act as greeters. Well, if people ask they can pet Leo. Our other two cats would just as soon spit in your face, as would Lou our super sweet, super cool dog.  So, while they won’t be greeting you with a smile, rest assured me and the Boo.

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