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So, pretty much every Friday we head into Livingston to do our grocery shopping. And eat lunch. Now, this blog has nothing to do with food. Having said that, I highly recommend Homemade Kitchen. Super yummy food.

This last Friday we did our grocery shopping, and than we ate at Homemade Kitchen. Again, super delicious. Enough about food. While we were leaving there I asked the Boo if we could go to Stafford Animal Shelter. I’ll tell you why. They had a dog on their website who I could have sworn we had looked at several weeks ago. I had to check out the situation. Really for my own curiosity. But let me go back a little.

We have been wanting a dog for months. But honestly, I am queen worrier. To say I did my research on dogs is an understatement. First we were considering a shelter dog. Our first visit to Stafford was relatively unsuccessful-although I will come back to this. Than I decided, no we should get a purebred Great Dane. From a breeder. I do love Great Danes. But they can get bloat, and wobblers so not so sure about giant breeds. Than there was how a dog would be living with the cats. How would they deal with it. I personally don’t want to live in a war zone. Than I worried about barking. Since we have guests… So we sort of put getting a dog on the back burner.

So back to Lou… A few weeks ago me and the Boo went to Stafford. I was interested in this pit bull/mastiff mix. We also saw a VERY scared vizsla. Very scared. We looked at him for a while. I won’t go into details, but we left without anyone. Fast forward to a few days ago. And Stafford has a Vizsla listed. I was certain it was the same dog. It was. And now he is our baby. He was still very scared, and has had a rough time of it. He had been adopted out and brought back. By crummy people I can only assume.

I feel like after only three days I could write a book about this boy. The cats are getting OK with him. And what touches my heart the most is how much he seems to enjoy sleeping on our bed. I don’t know his past. I think it was kind of crappy. ┬áBut he is our baby now, and with that come quite a few perks. One of which is sharing the bed. And hugs. And walks. And encouragement.

The first night we had him I thought to myself, this little guy had no idea that morning that he wouldn’t have to sleep on a hard floor. That he didn’t have to be in a place that scared him and made him unhappy. It makes me cry thinking that he probably doesn’t yet get that he is home. And that we are his pack. But he is and we are.

On his way to his furever home

On his way to his furever home









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  1. Amy

    So happy for your guys and Lou! May you all share many years of love together.

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