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December 21st, 2016 by katy

I promise this blog is going to be upbeat and fun. It is Christmas after all (and Hannakuh too). But I do want to share some sad news. Most of our guests at some point or other hear about our cats, and even meet some of them. Yesterday our old man cat Sal passed away. He was 19, which, I have been told was almost old enough to get him a letter from the queen if we were in England. I had him for 16 of his 19 years, and we sure miss him already.

A much younger Sal.

A much younger Sal.


But I promised this would be a cheery post, and it will be. While I am not a big fan of the Christmas season, I do have my fair share of holiday memories, and I love Christmas music. In the spirit of the season, here are a few of my favorite things about Christmas.

My favorites:

Christmas song: I actually have three. The first one is Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney. The Boo absolutely hates this song, as do a lot of people I guess. I don’t know what the problem is, its a good song.

My second favorite song is A Cradle in Bethlehem by Nat King Cole. It’s just a pretty song. And, well, Nat King Cole.

My last and possibly favorite favorite is the Snoopy and the Red Baron song. It’s Snoopy right? My favorite. The video I shared on here is super cute too, and well done. As far as all other Christmas Songs, there are few I dislike, and I find you can never go wrong with Perry Como or Johnny Mathis. And if I am invited to sing Christmas Carols, please, let us sing the whole song, not just the first verse. And if there is a version in Latin, you better provide those words as well.

Christmas Movie: A Muppets Christmas Carol. The version with the sad song in it.

Honorable mention goes to any number of Its a Wonderful Life copycats.

Best Gift I ever recieved:  I think over all the best gift I ever got was a Mrs. Fields Easy Bake oven. My friend Jeff gave me this when I was 19. (yes, 19). I spent that evening making snacks for my family. And literally it took all evening to make what amounted to underdone mini (very mini) cookies and cakes.

Favorite Christmas Memory:  In my family we have our big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. So, at the end of the evening, probably between 10:00 and midnight, I offered to start my aunt’s car for her(anyone who lives in a cold weather state can appreciate a warm car in the middle of Winter). I didn’t do this out of the goodness of my heart, I was going to play a joke on her. So I went outside and started her car, and proceeded to accidentally lock all the doors. This, by the way, was NOT the joke I had intended on playing.  We called the police. It was freezing outside, but there we were, watching this very nice police man spend a fair amount of time not being able to break into her car. My aunt eventually had to call her soon to be ex husband (my uncle) to have him drop off the spare key she had at home. It was both awkward and funny. Actually it was hilarious, I’m laughing my butt off writing this.  I think we were out there with the car running for about two hours. But it made for a very memorable Christmas Eve.

Favorite Christmas Ever: OK, To be fair, I do not have one. Two stand out in my head for bringing me big smiles. The first one was when I received all sorts of Barbie Doll stuff for gifts. I was kid. I say this is one of my favorites because it stands out to me. Most of my really early memories of Christmas just sort of blend together. The Christmases of the 1980’s were probably all the same as far as I was concerned, since I was just a little kid. Seriously all I cared about were the gifts.  The second was mine and the Boo’s  first Christmas together.

The last few years we have been lucky enough to be invited to our friends Hanukkah party. He makes awesome Latkes. And it’s always a fun time. We are gonna miss that this year. Not exactly a Christmas memory, but it fits with the season.

This year it’s just me and the Boo. We are going to make a standing rib roast and Yorkshire pudding. And we will do something special for our guests for breakfast on Christmas-I’m just not sure what. But I know it will be yummy!!

So I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah (which I think starts on the 24th), or whatever else one wishes to celebrate. Be safe. If you drink, don’t drive. If there’s ice on the road, don’t drive. If you drink and there’s ice on the road definitely don’t drive. And if anyone wants to share there favorite things that’s cool. I post this on our Facebook page too, so feel free to leave something in the comments.

One final note, I don’t normally share youtube videos. So hopefully I’m not infringing on anybodies whatever. None of these videos are mine, I just shared them here.



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  1. Nicki

    Katy, I remember so well that Christmas Eve with Auntie Pam’s car. The policeman who tried to help us actually joked, “Where’s a car thief when you need one?” when he couldn’t get in with a coat hanger

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