Adventures in gardening part 2-or why I feed the birds

June 9th, 2016 by katy

So I have already established that I can’t garden. My popcorn was a flop-and while it has actually started growing, its just too little too late. We have six tomato plants now, and the growing season is too short. I haven’t killed my tomatoes yet, and I think they are growing so that’s a good thing. ¬†We also have some irises and another pink flower that smells like a rose, but looks like a carnation. I can’t take credit for these they just showed up in our yard. We are more than happy to have them, and as long as they need no assistance from us they should be fine.

I have decided that I do not like gardening. I don’t even like running the sprinkler(but I do). If it wasn’t so windy in our little corner of Earth, I would probably just put in a rock and sand garden. I’d especially love to go back in time and bring back my plastic Scooby Doo pool and put that in our yard. Ah, the good old days.

So, why am I writing such a seemingly negative blog? Because through my efforts to hide my distaste for gardening I have learned to love birds, and see them as a more than suitable substitute for whatever is lacking in my yard.

Last week me and the Boo went out and bought several bird feeders. We bought a boat load of food for them as well. Peanuts, seeds, sunflower seeds. I even bought dried meal worms, but the only thing interested in those seem to be June bugs. We currently have 5 birdfeeders, and a hummingbird feeder(the ants are enjoying that one). And what a hoot it is to watch all our feathered neighbors!

I have been consulting a birding book to identify some of our guests. Obviously we have robins (who doesn’t). But we also have yellow finches, and Eurasian Collared Doves. I decided that we have a LOT of Brewer’s Blackbirds and at least one Pine Grosbeak. I know we have other ones, but I haven’t been able to see them all as clearly. We also have one very sweet and cute chipmunk that frequents one of our bird feeders. I sometimes put peanuts on the ground for him(or her).

Anyway, I could literally sit and watch these birds all day. I bring out my binoculars and my camera and sit on the porch and just watch my little feathered acquaintances eating and flying around. And boy do they eat! I cannot wait to see what craziness ensues when I put out my homemade suet cakes. These birds are lucky to be living near an establishment that cooks a ton of bacon.

Lastly, I find this to be very, very serendipitous. Today on Google, their logo was dedicated to Phoebe Snetsinger. I have never heard of her, I am sure most people probably haven’t. In any case, she is a birder who documented over 8400 species of bird. Good for her, I say! Birds rock!

Our Brewer's Blackbirds. This must be bachelor hour, their ladies are brown not black.

Our Brewer’s Blackbirds. This must be bachelor hour, their ladies are brown not black.

Some of our Irises and our platform feeder.

Some of our Irises and our platform feeder.

Our pretty carnation/roses.

Our pretty carnation/roses.