On Being a Caretaker of history

May 24th, 2016 by katy

Every now and then I rummage through the drawers in this house. I don’t know what I am expecting to find. Possibly a treasure map…the meaning of life…who knows. I have yet to find much of note. The other day I did come across a second dustpan in one of the cabinets in the laundry room. That was a bit exciting.

Today, I was cleaning the Roosevelt room. I looked in one of the drawers and began paging through the old journals that we leave out for guests to sign. I had been planning to throw the old journals out. I like to think I am a firm believer in starting new, on a clean slate. But I realized something while I was reading through one of them. These journals really aren’t mine to throw out. Yes, technically they are in my possession, they belong to me. But in a way they belong to this house.

Journal pic

I was able to to look back in one of them and find when Julie bought the B and B. There were notes wishing her good luck and much success. A lot like the notes people are leaving for us. I feel like throwing these out would be like breaking a circle of sorts. These are part of the history of the house.

It’s not only that. These journals are a reflection on the people that have stayed here. They are a reflection of the diverse group of people that chose to visit-both us and this area in general. The most recent entry in the Journal in the Roosevelt room is in Chinese or Japanese.(I’m not entirely sure. I am pretty sure it isn’t Korean, only because I saw a lot of Korean writing when we lived in the AH). I don’t know what it says, but it is nice to know that someone took a few minutes to write something, even though they probably knew we wouldn’t understand it.

The year before last, I entered a contest to win a B and B in Maine. I had to write an essay and send in 125 dollars. Obviously I didn’t win, but that’s a whole other story. In my essay I wrote about being a caretakerĀ of history, of the old bones of a solid house. Since we took on the responsibility to care for this place, it is important for me to know and preserve it’s history. I plan to do that, even if that history is something as simple and recent as a few guests book.


Just a few notes-May 28th is The Hells-A-Roaring horse drive. I am so excited we are making big bold breakfast burritos and a side for our guests.

And an update on our planting (from last weeks blog)-Our Petunias are meh. They are alright. The Boo never did use his jewelry box to plant anything. It is currently unusable as both a jewelry box or a planter. And the popcorn never even germinated. I know this because I dug it up yesterday. Watch for updates on a planned fairy garden in that space.

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  1. Rachel Jacobson

    Post a photo of the unknown Asian entry, and I will work on a translation!

    Sorry about the popcorn, but NOT sorry about the horse drive!!! Please take pictures for me.

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