Adventures in Gardening

May 16th, 2016 by katy

     To say I like gardening is a bit of an overstatement. I love gardens. I like flowers, I like plants and I like trees. I enjoy seeing butterflies and birds. I love the smell of my lilac bushes.Lilac Bush I’m just not all that interested (or good at) creating garden spaces. I try though, and that really is what counts.

When me and the Boo lived in Arlington Heights we had a vegetable container garden. The first year we planted tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, sweet peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers and summer squashes. Oh and little teeny round carrots. That year we had crops of what can only be called micro vegetables. Aside from our tomatoes everything else grew in miniature. One night for dinner we ate our entire harvest of teeny weeny carrots. We got about a fork full each. Later that fall we had a two fork harvest of Brussels sprouts. The next year we decided to go with cucumbers and tomatoes. Really tomatoes are pretty reliable. If its a good year anyone can be successful with them.

The third year we transitioned our fourth floor balcony garden to mostly flowers. I bought a Yellowstone flower seed mix(Or what I like to call pretty weeds) the year we vacationed out here. They grew great and they were very colorful. We also bought marigolds, snapdragons and petunias. I also planted Mexican sunflowers. The flowers were a much greater success than the vegetables. And they were darn pretty.

So this year, I have planted several things. I have some calibrachoa hanging flowers. They are just little guys now. I put them outside a week ago, only to bring them back in because it was too cold. I have some petunias also. We are actually mildly excited about planting the stuff we bought. I am still trying to learn what “zone” we are living in. I know it’s different than Milwaukee/Chicago, I just don’t know how. I do know to plant nothing in the front yard, as the elk will eat everything they can reach.

For our petunias me and the Boo even bought some fun and odd things to plant them in. He found a tall jewelry box (which he has been fighting with for about an hour-there are no plants in there yet). And I found some blue wooden thing. It looks like a tiny bench. (You can see them both in the pictures) I also planted some petunias in the ground.

Hopefully the boo will work something out with his planter.

Hopefully the boo will work something out with his planter.

Crossing my fingers that my petunias grow.

Crossing my fingers that my petunias grow.

The birthplace of my corn.  We hope you join us in about 145 days to enjoy it.

The birthplace of my corn. We hope you join us in about 145 days to enjoy it.

The last thing I planted was popcorn. This place came with a raised bed. I was going to plant tomatoes, but lost interest in that. Than I was going to plant kale, but I don’t eat kale fast enough to justify growing large quantities of it. At the grocery store I found seeds for popcorn and that just spoke to me. I hope that in about 130-150 days I can treat our guests to some fresh home grown popcorn! I will certainly keep everyone updated.