Greetings and Salutations from your Innkeepers

May 10th, 2016 by katy

It has been a month since me and the boo purchased Yellowstone Suites Bed and Breakfast. We have posted quite a bit on Facebook, and I have even attempted tweeting. But I have held off writing a blog. It is much easier to scribble out a few words, or post a picture. But here I find myself ready to start my blog. This first one is just an introduction. I might start to wax sentimental, and it might get wordy. But that’s me.

If I wanted to make a long story short I would say that me and the boo had a five year plan to own a B and B. We came out to Yellowstone on a vacation in 2014 and fell in love with the area. When Yellowstone Suites came on the market it wasn’t an option at the time. We looked around a little bit and almost pursued a few B and B’s in Canada. Things eventually fell into place and here we are today, innkeepers in one of the best places on Earth.

For those of you more interested in flights of fancy, this is the long version.

I wanted to live out west since I was 19 years old (For those keeping score, I’m almost 41). I went on a trip to North Carolina to see Biltmore Estate-a house that comes in a close second to this one on my list of houses I love. There I was, 19 years old, driving from Raleigh to Asheville. It seemed like out of the blue in the distance there were the Appalachians. I loved the Appalachians. The colors were at peak(it was fall). But in the back of my mind, I wanted to see the big boy mountains. The Appalachians are an old mountain range, I think they are shrinking. I wanted to see snow caps.

20 years went by before I was able to get out west. It was absolutely worth the wait. The first time I saw the snow cappers out in the distance I cried. I was speechless. We spent that vacation at Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. We both fell in love with the area. To be able to say we live here is an absolute blessing. I look outside my window and I can see mountains, a river, elk, deer. We go for a hike and see snakes and marmots. I love it. And I love talking to our guests who are seeing this stuff for the first time. I’m probably just as excited as they are.

So that’s a little background on how two people from Chicago and Milwaukee ended up running an inn in Gardiner MT.

2 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations from your Innkeepers

  1. Rachel Jacobson

    You said a lot, with few words. I may have teared up when you talked about seeing the snow caps for the first time. The blog is off to a great start, keep it going!

    So so glad for you!!!


  2. Nicki

    Welcome! My hubby and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Yellowstone back in 2010 and loved our days that we spent at Yellowstone B&B, trying to plan a return trip with our kiddos to celebrate his 40th birthday next year! Congratulations on purchasing such a beautiful home and business, it was my dream to buy it, but we just can’t give up our home sweet home here in Maryland.

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